Our vision is to provide a local source of organically grown herbs, fruits and vegetables from regions around the world, educating young people and adults alike about the benefits of gardening and cooking with that produce, and cultivate a community committed to sustainable land use in an urban setting. We also want to provide a space for our community to come together, connect and discuss anything and everything to do with food.


  • To encourage organic, non-chemical growing techniques to provide fresh, healthy, locally grown organic food.
  • To encourage the planting of vegetables and fruits that are native to different regions and sustainable in our climate.
  • To create an inclusive gathering space that fosters education, relaxation and discussion for all members of the local community.
  • To increase our community’s knowledge of health and nutrition and encourage healthy lifestyles through garden activities.


  • To engage our local indigenous people and learn from their knowledge of the land we are situated on.
  • To engage people from other cultures and learn from their cuisines and experience.
  • To organise educational activities for residents and their children to attend.